What Qualifies Me for Home Health Care?

  1. A change in your condition that has increased your need for medical care.
  2. A need for a skilled nurse to provide instruction regarding a specific medical condition or new medication, or physical therapy, or speech therapy.
  3. Any procedure that requires a skilled nurse or therapist to provide the service. Examples would be:
    1. Injectable medications
    2. Wound care and/or management
    3. Post surgical care such as dressing changes
    4. Urinary catheter changes and care
    5. I.V. Therapy
    6. Therapy for such diagnosis as Total Knee Replacement or Hip Replacement

  4. If the patient is using their Medicare benefit, the patient must be home bound. Patients may be considered home bound if absences from the home are infrequent, or for periods of relatively short duration, or attributable to the need to receive medical treatment.